Missouri Advance Directive Form (Medical POA + Living Will)

A Missouri advance directive is a document that allows a person (called the Principal) to medical instructions to be carried out and followed by physicians in the future. The directives surround end-of-life wishes and guide medical providers on how to handle specific care if the Principal cannot speak for themselves. The Principal may also designate a medical power of attorney who may be given decision-making capacity once the patient becomes incapacitated.

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What’s Included?


Signing Requirements (§ 459.015§ 404.835) – Two witnesses and a notary public.

State Definitions

  • Declaration (§ 459.010(4)) – “Declaration”, a document executed in accordance with the requirements of section 459.015;
  • Incapacitated (§ 404.805(2)) – “Incapacitated”, a person who is unable by reason of any physical or mental condition to receive and evaluate information or to communicate decisions to such an extent that he lacks capacity to meet essential requirements for food, clothing, shelter, safety or other care such that serious physical injury, illness or disease is likely to occur.

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