Texas Advance Directive Form (Medical POA + Living Will)

A Texas advance directive is a set of directives that lets a patient (called the Principal) list out future medical decisions to be followed by providers if the Principal were to lose the capacity to make medical choices. The documents include end-of-life care and resuscitative instructions and allow for the election of a medical power of attorney. The medical power of attorney may only make decisions for the patient when the patient can no longer speak for themselves.

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What’s Included?


Signing Requirements (§ 166.154§ 166.003) – Two (2) witnesses or a notary public

 State Definitions

  • Advance Directive (TX Health & Safety Code § 166.002(1)) – “Advance directive” means:
    • (A) a directive, as that term is defined by Section 166.031;
    • (B) an out-of-hospital DNR order, as that term is defined by Section 166.081; or
    • (C) a medical power of attorney under Subchapter D.
  • Medical Power of Attorney (TX Health & Safety Code § 166.002(11)) – “Medical power of attorney” means a document delegating to an agent authority to make health care decisions executed or issued under Subchapter D.

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